Shirley Strawberry Apologizes To Steve And Marjorie Harvey For Jailhouse Call Leak

Over the past few weeks an anonymous account released multiple jailhouse recordings of conversations between popular Radio host Shirley Strawberry and her ‘estranged husband’ Ernesto Williams.

Now Shirley is apologizing to Steve and his wife Marjorie Harvey.

Here is the background

Shirley’s husband was arrested and facing multiple charges including child pornography, fraud, sexual assault, and theft.

The recordings not only involved Shirley but also and alleged mistress of his.

According to Newsone some of the victims appear to be Strawberry’s daughter and grandchildren.

Through the recorded calls, listeners receive maddening details about Strawberry’s mindset and her marital relationship.

In some of the calls, which appear to have been recorded in the fall of 2022, Strawberry noted that she didn’t believe Williams has done what he is accused of and that he has “always been nice to her.”

She appears to now believe otherwise as she noted in a September 11, 2023, discussion with Harvey and the morning show team that divorce proceedings were underway.

The conversation

According to WHUR96.3 the conversation was obtained by a Youtuber who requested the audio that revealed what Shirley believed to be a conversation between her and her husband.

“I knew [the calls] were being recorded but I didn’t know they would go out to the world,” she said. “I was just trying to make conversation with [Ernesto]. Just get him to think about something other than where he was,” she added.

During the phone conversation, Strawberry hinted that Harvey was ‘scared’ of his wife.

She recounted an incident during a recent visit to their residence, where Harvey unexpectedly provided his co-hosts with a tour of his property—an action he likely wouldn’t have taken without Marjorie’s influence.

Strawberry went on to say that Marjorie looks at ‘them’ as ‘the help’.

Her apology


Steve then addressed Shirley’s apology directly, including her marriage issues.


Then the morning crew shared their love for Shirley and all she is going through.


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