Lil Dicky Defends Kanye West…”He Doesn’t Dislike Jewish People”

Lil Dicky has spoken out in defense of Kanye West and says he does not believe the rapper dislikes Jewish people.

Ye went on several anti-semitic rants against the Jewish community last year and apologized over the holidays before announcing his upcoming album.



“I obviously see all the things. I was, like, surprised. Because I don’t think in his heart Kanye dislikes Jewish people. I know he knows I’m Jewish. I know he likes me. You know what I mean?” said Dicky.

“In my heart, I feel like he probably said something and it was the wrong thing. I’m not denying that he’ll say the wrong thing often. I think he might have said the wrong thing, people got outraged. I think the thing that he can’t stand the most is when people tell him what he can or cannot say. He leaned into it. And that’s the reality. Now, I don’t think you should be leaning into it,” he continued.

Reports have been circulating online that Ye is planning to release a 40-minute apology to the Jewish community ahead of his album release. Ye has not confirmed the reports.

Written by ceofari

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