Katt Williams Leaks Freakoff Footage Of Diddy And Steve Harvey

Katt Williams Leaks Freakoff Footage Of Diddy And Steve Harvey

So it looks like the threats that Katt Williams has been getting from the industry have done NOTHING to stop him or slow him down because he is still out here spilling tea on celebs and exposing some really creepy things. And this time, he is now claiming that he has some footage of Steve Harvey allegedly engaging in a freak off with Diddy.

Y’all know how the streets have been saying that Steve Harvey allegedly pimped Lori to Diddy? Well, Katt is claiming that this was allegedly a ruse by Steve to get close to Diddy for some interesting reasons. Katt’s revelations have set the internet on fire, so let’s break this down.


“What’s done in the dark shall come to light.”

Mo’Nique recalled the famous proverb during our interview when I asked about her issues with Black Hollywood’s titans, including Steve Harvey.

During his now-viral Jan. 10 interview with Shannon Sharpe on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, Katt Williams claimed Harvey stole much of his comedy routine from other comedians — most notably Mark Curry.

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While Mo’Nique would not comment directly on the comments Williams made about Harvey, she had her own comments about the “Family Feud” host.

“That is my brother, but we know the ones who have gotten caught up in this industry and feel like ‘I can say and do what I want to say’ and you’re not supposed to say anything back to that.”

Harvey and Mo’Nique’s personal tension with each other got heated during her appearance on the “Steve Harvey” talk show in 2020. Part of that tension, she said, came from Harvey preventing her from revealing what happened during the interest meeting for her potential talk show.

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