Last month a woman claimed that when she was just 17 years old, she was assaulted by Diddy and a group of men. Now Media take Out has learned the identity of the woman … and she’s a celebrity.

Because of certain r**e shield laws, Media Take Out is not able to disclose the woman’s identity. But trust that if it ever came out …. it would be explosive.

Obviously we intend to follow the law to the fullest, and would NEVER disclose any information that’s not available in public legal filings

According to the complaint, the woman who filed the suit is from Detroit, and was 17 years old at the time of the alleged attack. The incident occurred in 2003 – which would make her 37 years old today.

And Media Take Out learned that Diddy’s legal team revealed in a new motion that the alleged victim has “a public facing identity.”

Diddy is filing a motion to reveal the accuser’s identity because his legal team believes that there are “certain facts” about his famous accuser that are “pertinent” to Diddy’s team motion to reveal her identity.

Diddly’s lawyers were very careful not to disclose too much, and inadvertently reveal the accuser.

But Diddy’s team revealed that when they reveal their reasoning for “why” the alleged accuser’s name should be made public, “a third party could recognize [the alleged victim’s] identity.

Man …. we can only imagine how 50 Cent would troll Diddy if the accuser’s name was ever revealed …

Here’s Diddy’s motion:

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