Tasha K Offers To Pay Cardi B $220k Of The $3.9 Million She Owes The Rapper Following Bankruptcy Filing

Tasha K Offers To Pay Cardi B $220k Of The $3.9 Million She Owes The Rapper Following Bankruptcy Filing

Blogger Tasha K is seemingly seeking leniency on her large financial debt.

The internet personality recently submitted legal documents outlining a financial plan to pay back a portion of what she owes to rapper Cardi B.

According to a report from RadaOnline, Tasha K, real name Latasha Kebe, 41, explained in the financial outline how she intends to repay several outstanding debts. The document was reportedly split into two parts, with separate plans to pay creditors with secured claims and creditors without secured claims. Her debt to Cardi B, legal name Belcalis Almánzar Cephus, 30, reportedly falls into the latter category.

Cardi B

Tasha reported in the outline that she first intends to continue making her $1k monthly payments towards a $52k debt she owes on a 2021 Chevy Silverado. She then will chip away at her $84k IRS debt and the $40k she owes to the Georgia Department of Revenue. After those matters are settled, the YouTube star reportedly plans to pay the Grammy Award winner $220k over a period of 20 quarters, to settle the millions she owes Cardi.

At this time it’s reported that the rap star has not yet responded to the recent motion.

However, judging from their history, the recording artist probably won’t budge on the $3.9 million she’s actually owed. As previously covered, Cardi has been very aggressive in collecting her defamation suit award from Tasha.

Back in October, the entertainer began seizing Tasha’s wages. Cardi reportedly subpoenaed Google (who pays ad revenue on Tasha’s popular YouTube channel) as well as her bank to get to the bottom of the payment holdup.

Additionally, after Tasha filed for bankruptcy in an effort to reorganize her debt repayments earlier this year, Cardi motioned the court not to dismiss what was due. Though her ability to continue garnishing Tasha’s wages was halted as a result of the bankruptcy, the rapper’s legal team argued that because of the nature of the suit, Tasha should still be required to pay the remaining balance.

It was noted in one report that Cardi’s request could be granted as the debt is “related to a willful and malicious injury.”

According to the entertainer’s legal team, Tasha was given several opportunities to recant her false statements about Cardi. However, she refused to remove the defaming content, which is why they want her held responsible.

It is unclear at this time if a judge approved Cardi’s motion not to have the debt erased. It also does not seem that Tasha or Cardi has spoken publicly about the new repayment proposal.

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