Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Claim They Have S*x ‘5 Times A Night’

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are claiming they have s-e-x five times a night.

In the past, Larsa claimed she and her ex, Scottie Pippen used to have s*x four times a night. On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Larsa about her claims.

“That’s facts,” Larsa said. “I also have s*x probably five times a night with the love of my life,” she said, gesturing to Marcus.



“I’m very competitive so I like to stay ready,” Marcus said, adding that it’s “way more than three times.”

Her claims about her bedroom activities were so shocking that even Cardi B weighed in.

“You practically telling the world that your man on drugs,” she told her viewers. “Your n-gga’s on drugs, your man is on drugs. ‘Cuz there ain’t no way.”

Cardi said she knows “that you have s*x three times a day, not everyday though. If your man wanna have s*x with you four, five times a day…and we do that everyday. Like it’s girl your man is on percs or your man is trying to convince himself that he likes p*ssy. That is not a flex. Go stitch your p*ssy up. Your man is sick.”

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