Wendy Williams And Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Getting ‘Close’ Again

Feeling abandoned by her staff and friends, Wendy Williams has fallen back in with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter, who is once again acting like her manager.

“Wendy has no one in her life but Kevin. She never had close friends and hasn’t spoken with her staff in months. After her mom died, Wendy didn’t even have a family. All she has in Kevin and the son they share together,” sources tell

“Kevin is back in her life again out of necessity. He might not have treated her right in the past but when he was in her life none of this crazy stuff happened. He would never have allowed her bank to freeze her assets, and would have made sure Wendy went to work each day.” can confirm that Williams has hired attorney LaShawn Thomas, who her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, uses as his lead counsel on his various businesses.

“Of course, Kevin had a hand in Wendy hiring LaShawn Thomas. Kevin is back and he and Wendy are getting close again,” adds an insider.

Although Thomas disagrees. “Kevin did not request that I represent Wendy,” said the lawyer sounding defensive. “Whatever is going on with Wendy, I don’t disclose to him. I believe in protecting the attorney-client privilege.”

The former couple, share 21-year-old son Kevin Hunter Jr., who insiders say has been instrumental in getting his mom and dad back together again.

“Love her hate Kevin, this shit never went down on his watch,” adds a pal. “Watch, Wells Fargo, isn’t going to mess with Kevin. He is going to unlock her bank accounts.”

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Wells Fargo recently said in a statement, “Wells Fargo’s priority is the financial well-being of Ms. Williams and the preservation of her privacy. As we have expressed to the Court, Wells Fargo is open to working with Ms. Williams’ counsel to release funds directly to her creditors for bills historically and regularly paid from her accounts.”

In her lawsuit, Wendy claims she has been blocked from accessing her accounts for several weeks. She allegedly has been unable to pay her mortgage and employee payroll and fears she will default on future bills.

Wendy believes her former financial advisor told the bank she was of “unsound mind” — a claim that she denies.

A judge has yet to rule on Wendy’s plea for a restraining order against Wells Fargo.

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Wendy and Kevin were married for 21 years. She filed for divorce in April 2019 and the case was settled by early 2020. The talk show host claims Kevin’s alleged affair with a woman named Sharina Hudson and their love child played a role in her decision.

Kevin and Sharina moved from New Jersey to Florida after his divorce was over. They are still together and have been photographed with their kid running errands around town.

Wendy has yet to release a personal statement since the lawsuit broke.

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