Rapper Lil Nas X is accused of cheating the world, and one famous person says she has proof.

When he came out, Lil Nas X already had the #1 song that had been there the longest. Since then, he’s had a few viral moments and even more hit songs, and many people think that his choice may have helped him stay at the top of the charts for longer.

The joke has been going on for a long time that Montero is playing us all for fools and actually likes women. Some friends from high school are adding to this idea. Because of how crazy he is, Lil Nas X has been accused of making up his choice. The rapper has made funny movies using his “lifestyle.” In the past few weeks, he confused some people when he pretended to have a son and said he didn’t like guys after another rapper said he liked him. Lil Nas X has been called out for living his life easily and not caring what other people think. Because of the criticism, the rapper has become one of the most well-known acts in the world.

Woah Vicky, who is also active on social media, says that Nas is making fun of all of us, and she has proof. Woah, Vicky says that Lil Nas X’s friends from high school told her that he didn’t show any of the signs as a child. She thinks Lil Nas X is doing it to get more attention.

She kept making strong accusations about the rapper. “A lot of today’s music is very [dark. One person said, “I’m very careful about what my kids can listen to.” “She’s not lying. “We knew he wasn’t gay,” said someone else. Some fans wondered if Nas would still be popular without the “storyline.”

If you haven’t heard of Woah Vicky, she is a social media influencer who has become famous in the past couple of years. She has more than 4 million Instagram fans at this point. Back in 2019, Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhabie had a very public fight. Vicky has been on the “road to redemption” for a while, changing the focus of her brand to only be about being saved. She also said that Lil Uzi Vert was wrong for what he had done recently. One fan said, “I love how she changed,” while another laughed, “You guys get saved for 30 seconds, now you guys know everything.”

Even though Woah Vicky said she could prove that Lil Nas X is lying to everyone, she did not show any proof. On the other hand, Lil Nas X thinks these claims are pretty funny. Even though he hasn’t said anything about Woah Vickey yet, the rapper has said things about similar stories in the past.

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