Bow Wow Urges Nelly To Marry Ashanti and Stop Wasting Her Time: “You’re 50 Playing Games, This Is Your Queen”

It’s not every day that famous personalities offer uninvited relationship advice to their squint, but in an unpredicted turn of events, Bow Wow has voiced his thoughts on the relationship spirited between Nelly and Ashanti.

Bow Wow, also known as Shad Moss, promoted the rapper Nelly to settle down and marry his long-time, on-again-off-again love interest, Ashanti, publicly calling him out on what he recognises as inconclusives.

In a recent social media pole, Bow Wow took a direct proposal, pointing out Nelly’s age and the deepness of his relationship with Ashanti.

“You’re 50 playing games,” he wrote, emphasizing the time they have spent together and the connection they share. “This is your queen,” he added, desirable his admiration and regard for Ashanti.


Ashanti and Nelly, both titans of the R&B and rap worlds respectively, had a connection that pass over nearly a decennery  capturing the hearts and interest of followers worldwide.

Although they have maintained a level of privateness about the details of their relation over the years, the public’s interest with their pairing never truly disappear.

Nelly, who recently turned 50, has been in the public attention for ages, garnering honour and fans from all over the world.

His relation with Ashanti, a multi-award-winning singer, has been a point of interest and conjecture for fans and media alike.

Despite their seperation years ago, many continue to root for a romantic reunion between the two.

Bow Wow’s dig towards Nelly isn’t the first time that friends and teammates in the enjoyment industry have voiced their ambition for the duo. Over the years, their chemistry and shared story have prompted many to wonder if they might revive their romance.


Ashanti, for her part, has always been merciful when discussing her past relation with Nelly, emphasizing the mutual respect they hold for one another.

With a profession that continues to flourish and develop, she remains an powerful figure in the music industry.

It remains to be seen how Nelly will react to Bow Wow’s honest advice. Relationships, especially in the world of famous persons, are complicated and mounded, often influenced by details beyond the public’s understanding.

Nonetheless, Bow Wow’s word, whether seen as intrude or actual concern, brings to light the classic theme of love, dedication, and the choices we make in our connection. As the story unfolds, fans can only hope for happiness and lucidity for all parties involved.

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