Cardi B and Taraji P. Henson talk about Offset’s alleged affair in the ‘Jealousy’ video.

In late 2018, rumors that Offset was having an affair made a lot of news. But almost five years later, the Migos singer and his wife, Cardi B, are taking control of the story.

The rappers asked Taraji P. Henson to be in their new video, which came out on Friday, July 28.

In the video, the actor says that a woman again said that Offset is cheating on his Grammy-winning wife.

Henson says, “That smelled like a skunk.” “She’s getting thirsty.”



Cardi then says, “Since he’s done it before, people are going to believe it whether he did it or not. So, I want to beat this scumbag. Even though it happened in the past, you shouldn’t have done it. That’s why we’re always in this horrible situation.”

When asked if she will leave the Atlanta rapper, Cardi says, “I love him, but, b***h, I’m tired of his s**t.” Then Offset goes to his wife’s house and knocks on the door to talk about their problems.

Watch the video for “Jealousy” below.

Written by ceofari

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