Cardi B & Offset Performing Together At New Year’s Eve Bash in Miami!

“Make it rain, make it rain, make it rain on these hoes” – and that’s what Cardi B and Offset did as they linked up for a New Year’s Eve bash at a Miami strip club. Divorce papers? Not tonight, baby!

This meet-up comes 2 weeks after Cardi B’s “feel’n yourself” rant set off divorce rumors and whispers of her emptying joint bank accounts, leaving Offset broke-ish. Well, apparently, bygones will be bygones with these two.
And ironically, Cardi B, who recently cursed out her fans for insinuating she was getting back with Offset, revealed that she did link up with her “baby father” romantically cause she “needs dick.”

So, as of now, the two are getting along. We will see how far into 2024 that will last.

Written by ceofari

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