Cardi B Tells Her Fans ‘STFU’ Over Offset Reunion and Goes Nuclear

Cardi B gets into a heated argument with some of her fans who criticized her for reuniting with Offset

Cardi B

Cardi B is not happy with her fans after they appeared to be upset that she was back with her husband, Offset.

Earlier on Friday, a woman at a New York nail salon posted a photo separately with Offset and another one with Cardi B. The pictures were posted on social media by several blogs, which caused fans to speculate that she was back with her husband.


“Basically photos came out of her and offset w a fan and we all thought she was with him again but they was calling her stupid, dumb, and slow. They made a semi-viral thread of all the times set embarrassed her. Then she said she came on here to search her name, and all she saw was us talking sh*t, then she violated,” one of her fans expressed.

The rapper later took to X, formerly Twitter, where she lashed out at her fans for spreading lies, saying she did not confirm that she was back with her husband.

“Did I confirm anything? Shut the f**k up! I’m bout to delete the whole f**king social media because y’all don’t shut the f**k up,” she said.

She continued, “my own f**king fan base. The last time I got dragged was cause my f**king fan base. I don’t see nobody talking sh*t but my own f**king fan base…. Did I confirm I was with a man? No?! So why the f**k y’all keep talking! Leave me the f**k alone! Y’all heard something out of my mouth? Y’all heard I’m back with a n***a out my mouth? No! Did I say I was back together with somebody… no! Leave me the f**k alone.”



The rapper also expressed frustration with the fans she follows might be pushing the narrative that she is back with Offset after he did her dirty. Weeks ago, Cardi revealed that she and Offset were separated. The Migos rapper was also speculated to be in the vicinity of his ex-flame, Jade.

However, he denied that he was with her and expressed that they were at the same venue hours apart, but that had nothing to do with them.

In the meantime, Cardi also clarified that she was upset and frustrated at her fans stirring up rumors on the internet.

“I find it so f**king funny that y’all think it’s so funny that I have to scream at y’all after I was having a good day with my kids…y’all kept dragging and dragging…” Cardi said.

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