CONFIRMED: Cardi B And Offset’s Split Was FAKE … They’re Together And HAPPY!! (Evidence)

Media Take Out has been hearing that Cardi B and Offset’s “separation,” which Cardi announced three weeks ago, was all just CAP … designed to help sell Offset and Cardi’s new music projects.

Now we have confirmation. Two days ago, a popular Chinese blogger was shopping in Los Angeles (where the couple share a home). She ran into Cardi and Offset shopping together, and took photos of the pair.

Cardi B confirms breakup with rapper Offset | The Business Standard

Cardi and Offset are supposedly “separated”, but the pair spent the Holidays together and are both scheduled to perform at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami on Sunday night’s New Years celebration.

Offset and Cardi must have thought that they could take the photos – because the pics would never make their way back to the United States.

Unfortunately, that’s not quite how the internet works. We found the post.

Here’s the translation of the post:

I ran into Cardi [who was outside without washing her hair or putting on makeup.

They both looked so sweet! Offset also made a couple of moves with care. Hahahaha.

Cardi didn’t put on any makeup. I asked if she would mind taking a photo, telling her ‘You are so pretty in person.’ She generously said come on take a selfie.

She is so small and gentle. I’m very lucky today

CONFIRMED: Cardi B And Offset's Split Was FAKE ... They're Together And HAPPY!! (Evidence) - Media Take Out

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