Offset Gets Annoyed When Kulture Refuses To Say “Dada” Only Says “Mama” (video)

Offset Gets Annoyed When Kulture Refuses To Say “Dada” Only Says “Mama”



In a heartwarming yet comical family moment, Cardi B recently shared a series of videos on social media that captured the adorable antics of her daughter, Kulture.

As she playfully teased her father, Offset. The videos showcased Kulture’s newfound affection for the word “Mama,”

Much to Offset’s apparent dismay, creating a delightful stir in the world of the power couple.



The clips, tagged with #MamaChallenge, depict Kulture gleefully repeating the word “Mama” with infectious enthusiasm.

What makes these videos particularly amusing is Offset’s playful frustration, as he humorously battles for his daughter’s affection and tries to get her to say “Dada.”

The lighthearted banter between father and daughter quickly became a social media sensation, drawing laughter and love from fans around the globe.



Cardi B, never one to miss an opportunity for good-natured teasing, joined in on the fun, capturing Offset’s amusing attempts to win Kulture over.

The rapper, known for her vibrant personality, shared the family dynamic with her followers, turning a simple toddler’s game into an online spectacle.



The #MamaChallenge not only showcased the adorable interactions between Offset and Kulture but also resonated with parents and fans who could relate to the playful dynamics of family life. The light-hearted exchange humanizes the high-profile couple, revealing the relatable moments that define their parenting journey.

The playful videos went viral, flooding social media feeds with laughter and warmth. Fans praised the couple for their authenticity and the genuine joy that radiated from their family moments. The #MamaChallenge became a trending topic, with followers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the ongoing father-daughter saga.

Beyond the laughter, the videos serve as a reminder of the universal experiences of parenthood, where even celebrities like Cardi B and Offset find joy and amusement in the simple pleasures of raising their daughter. The heartwarming #MamaChallenge not only entertained fans but also offered a refreshing and relatable glimpse into the family life of one of hip-hop’s most dynamic power couples.

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