Umar Johnson Accuses Vanessa Bryant Of Not Using Kobe Bryant’s Money To Support the Black Community

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Dr. Umar Johnson is trending online after a clip from his interview with “The Joe Budden Podcast,” where he accused Vanessa Bryant of doing nothing to help the Black community since her late husband Kobe Bryant’s death.


“Vanessa inherited his wealth and guess what? Is Vanessa Bryant using any of that Black man’s money to do any good in the Black community? Absof-ckinlutely not,” he said.

Kobe was estimated to be worth $600 million at the time of his death.

Umar continued, “Vanessa Bryant just started an initiative with three predominantly white colleges, some sort of sports initiative, with Kobe’s money and Kobe’s name. Didn’t choose a single HBCU with a Black man’s money.”

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On social media, fans called cap on Umar’s claims, sharing ways that Vanessa has helped the Black community including remodeling community basketball courts and other charity works through the Mamba Sports Foundation.

The podcast cohosts disagreed with Umar. Some believe he’s just mad because Kobe was in an interracial marriage…something Umar is against.

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