Cardi B Cries During Emotional Instagram Live as She Slams Offset

Earlier this week, Cardi B confirmed that she and Offset had split, but that’s not where her candid comments about her now ex ended. Yesterday, she had a message for Offset—shared on Instagram Live—which led to her breaking down in tears, Entertainment Tonight reports.

During the Live, Cardi’s face didn’t appear on the video, “but she could be heard speaking directly to the camera,” the outlet reports.

“A mo— fu— will play in your f—king face, over and over again, until you be like, ‘Watch what I’m about to do, watch what I’m about to say,’” she said. “This mo— fu— really like to play games with me when I’m at my most vulnerable time. When I’m not the most confident.”

Cardi B Holiday Manicure

Cardi continued her message, noting that she didn’t do anything the day prior (Thursday) while he celebrated his birthday with a star-studded party: “He like to play games with me ‘cause he knows I’m not an easy girl,” she continued. “He knows, yesterday, I could have been out, I could have been chilling, I could have been doing this and that. He knows I’m in my house. He knows that I’m chilling. He knows I’m not doing the most.”

She then became emotional as she expressed that she has been holding back when it comes to “sparing” Offset. “You been f—king feeling yourself you b—h a— n— because your b—h a— album and s—t and you really been f—king doing me, doing me dirty,” she said before crying. “After so many f—king years that I mo— f—king helped your a—, not even a f—king thank you that I got from your b—h a—.”

Offset and Cardi B are seen in NYC

She ended by saying that she has to take to the internet because “whenever I f—king tell you something, you don’t take s— seriously.” In addition to Instagram Live, she also took to X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) to address her husband in a tweet that has since been deleted: “@OffsetYRN you a b—h a— n—…and trust me imma f—kn take it there,” she wrote.

Fans took note that the couple’s relationship might be on its last legs after Offset and Cardi unfollowed each other on social media at the beginning of the month. “I have been afraid to…not afraid, but I just don’t know how to tell the world,” Cardi said earlier this week when announcing their split. “I feel like today has been like a sign. The last time I got on Live I kind of wanted to tell you but I didn’t know how to tell you, so I changed my mind.”

The now ex-couple married in 2017 and share children Kulture and Wave; during the course of their marriage, Cardi has filed for divorce twice.

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