Exclusive: Chicago Case Against R. Kelly To Be DROPPED … He Could Be Released From Prison!

R.Kelly Rep Reacts to Singer's Sex Abuse Charges Being Dropped in Chicago: "There's No Real Sense of Relief" - That Grape Juice

Chicago case against R&B singer R. Kelly expected to be DROPPED … He could be released from prison!

It is being reported that R&B singer R Kelly, who was convicted of racketeering and sex offenses, will be released from prison soon.Official reports claim that federal charges against the disgraced rapper are expected to be dropped.

Singer R Kelly is currently serving his 30 years sentence in Metropolitan Correctional Center, Chicago but he still continues to challenge his two convictions.


The 55-year-old singer was convicted of criminal activities, sex abuse and child pornography among other things. More than 100 potential jurors were interviewed after which the singer was sentenced to 30 years sentence.However, shockingly, R Kelly has not given up and he continues to fight for his freedom.

His lawyers recently stated “whatever you think about his actions with minors, he was not part of a criminal enterprise –but rather a sole actor.”

Now according to sources and experts, R Kelly has a very real chance of getting released of the charges.

The New York case, according to evidence and testimony presented in court, centered on racketeering charges and allegations that Kelly, his bodyguards, drivers, managers and others developed a decades-long scheme that resulted in the abuse of young fans.It’s being debated that according to evidence and testimonies presented in the court, the case was “centered on racketeering charges and allegations that Kelly, his bodyguards, drivers, managers and others developed a decades-long scheme which resulted in all the criminal activities including sexual abuse.”

Initially, R Kelly was facing separate charged in Illinois federal court and according to experts, those charges would have been more serious and likely to stick.The Illinois trial was to focus on Kelly’s sexual abuse and child pornography crimes.But now, those charges seem to be getting dropped by prosecutors.

Yesterday, R Kelly’s first known victim Jerhonda Pace came forward and shared on social media that the prosecutors informed the victims about Kelly’s charges soon getting dropped.

“When Kim Foxx announces the dismissal of the case against R. Kelly sometime next week: it will be hard for the survivors, especially those who were waiting for their day in court,” she wrote.

This is what she posted on social media:

Apart from several federal sex abuse cases, Kelly has also been involved in many high-profile criminal activities and lawsuits. It definitely would be hard for victims to see him FREE.

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