My Son Excluded Me from His Wedding to Please His In-Laws, So I Kicked Him Out of My House

The story revolves around a man living in New Jersey who bought his son a house in Pennsylvania. The son met a woman, they got engaged, and the families gathered for a barbecue to get to know each other. However, tensions arose when the bride’s family deemed the OP’s family not “their kind of people” and uninvited them from the wedding.

Upset by this, the OP’s wife and daughter immediately left the gathering, refusing to disclose the reason. Later, the son informed the OP that the bride’s family felt they were not good enough and uninvited them from the wedding. Following a week of reflection, the OP went to Pennsylvania to talk to his son but found the bride and her family living in the house without prior notice.

Angered by this discovery, the OP gave them 30 days to vacate the house, stating he would sell it. The son, unaware that his father owned the house, was informed by the bride, leading to a confrontation where the OP emphasized his son’s rent-free living arrangement and severed ties due to his family feeling disregarded.

Reactions from people who read the post varied, but many supported the OP’s decision and advised him to seek legal counsel. The central question remains: was the OP justified in evicting his son and the bride’s family from the house?

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