Azealia Banks Ready To Have Kanye West’s 5th Child and Play Stepmom To Kim Kardashian’s Children Following Divorce

As Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s marriage nears its end, reports have begun to surface that Kanye is already prepping to get back on the market. The Hip-hop genius is reportedly hoping his next wife is someone in his field, a musician. Despite their troubled history, it seems rapper Azealia Banks feels like she’s his perfect match. The two would make quite the controversial pairing. Both have supported Trump, both are knowing for their insane tweets and both are known for making some of the most critically acclaimed albums of the last decade.

West and Banks go back. Upon her breakthrough with “212”, it was reported that he recruited Azealia to work on music with him in Hawaii. The two seemed to have remained close over the years, with Banks even working on prototype designs for some Yeezy products and even coming up with the logo for Kim’s Skims line.


Things hit the fan in 2018 when Banks went on a rant to fans stating that Kanye tried to play her. She explained that their falling out was all over a text she sent with “heart emojis”. While she dismissed the exchange as a “sisterly” text, she said West tried to expose her on a three way call with one of his employees claiming she was in love with him. She threatened to spill tea on Kim and Kanye but held back out of fear of Kris Jenner.


“The tea is hella juicy, I would love to spill it because his dumb ass tried to put me on three way with ne of his employees and set me up pretending like I was in the wrong for sending his dumb ass a heart emoji. He tried to pretend like I was in love with him or some shit. I won’t spill the tea because I don’t want Kris Jenner to have him k*lled,” Azealia added.

“He just does dumb shit on purpose for attention. No clue what kind of role model he is trying to be for his kids by being a messy c–t. Truth is, Kim Kardashian ruined Kanye West and won’t be done with him until she’s sucked the last drop of blood,” she continued. “We won’t be getting the old Kanye back ever. He is completely ruined.”


Banks and West have drawn a lot of comparisons over the years for how they are treated by the media for their actions. The two gemini’s have been known for their controversial opinions, but while Kanye continues to find champions in fans and critics, Azealia has seen her platform become more and more diminished. Some see it as an obvious example of misogynoir.

Well it looks like Azealia is ready to put all of that behind her if it means she can procreate with Kanye. “It’s me guys,” she wrote alongside a screenshot of Complex’s tweet. “The powerful black demon entity awaiting in my ovaries and kanyes testicle is finally about to be unleashed upon the world. All of you n***as are going to JAIL,” she added. Wonder how much THIS audio adult film would go for on NFT?


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