Rapper Nicki Minaj Debuts Brand New Body After Going Undergoing Breast Reduction

Nicki Minaj’s famous curves might be looking a little different next time you see her. The head Barb has taken to social media to unveil that she got some cosmetic work done ahead of her second collaboration with Bronx rapper Ice Spice. So what can fans expect from Nicki’s new look?

Nicki Minaj’s famous physique is almost as iconic as her music. Since her debut, the topic of Nicki’s butt, boobs, and face has often overshadowed her artistry. Nicki has played up talks of her augmentations sneaking in lines in her songs like, “I don’t know man guess them a** shots wore off” on Big Sean’s “Dance.” Singles like “Anaconda” and “Super Bass” have prominently featured her best ass-etts as well.

Nicki has opened up over her career about the work she has gotten done. The rapstress had admitted to industry pressures leading her to a butt job back when she first started working with Lil Wayne.

Nicki says she went to a “random” person to get the work done and regrets how she influenced other women to do the same. “[Lil’] Wayne, he was always talking about big booties. Wayne would have a new chick in the studio every session. It was always a new big booty there. They were his muses,” she told Joe Budden last year.

Nicki admits that she did not feel “good enough,” so she got work done to fit the stereotype of what men in hip-hop desired. In the years since, she certainly became the beauty standard for many and influenced a generation of female rappers to follow in her footsteps.

While she’s opened up about her booty work, some sites have speculated for years that Minaj got a gang of other things done as well. Many before and afters seem to allude to a nose job, with others pointing out the obvious differences in her teeth as well over the years.

Some have even gone as far to accuse Minaj of skin bleaching for a lighter complexion. None of these things have been proven.

The mother of one has definitely enjoyed the benefits of childbearing. Minaj is thicker than she’s ever been, with her bust and butt noticeably fuller and curvier. While she’s not been shy to show off her new body in revealing outfits and social media posts, Minaj took the opportunity recently to discuss her breast size and the work she has gotten done to downsize.

While promoting her second Ice Spice collaboration, “Barbie Girl,” Nicki shared an image of herself in a white tank top with the caption, “New boobs, who dis?” Various sites confirm that Minaj recently got work done to decrease her chest after admitting to having breast implant surgery early on in her career.

The “Queen of Rap” opted for a smaller size, bringing an end to her big boob era.

Nicki is not the first girl to admit to downsizing in recent years. Cardi B has done extensive work to reduce the size of her butt work while acts like Doja Cat have also been open about new boobs.

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