Russell Brand Accused of Exposing Himself to Woman and Laughing About It on Radio Show

Russell Brand is facing another allegation.

The comedian, 48, has been accused of exposing himself to a woman and then laughing about it on his BBC Radio 2 show.

The alleged incident took place in 2008 when the woman was working for a media company that was in the same building as the BBC’s Los Angeles office, according to BBC News. Minutes later, Brand was recorded laughing on air with co-host Matt Morgan, who said Brand “showed his willy to a lady.”

Morgan told the BBC he was “not aware until now of the nature of this encounter.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, a BBC spokesperson said the corporation was “very sorry to hear” about the incident and it is reviewing the allegation as part of a wider investigation into Brand’s behavior at the BBC.

A representative for Brand did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment on Friday.

The woman opened up about the incident in an interview with Nomia Iqbal, the North America correspondent for BBC News, that was published on Thursday. According to the news outlet, BBC management was informed about the incident in 2019, but no formal action was taken.

The woman told the BBC the incident happened in June 2008 when Brand and his team came to the building to pre-record an episode of The Russell Brand Show for BBC Radio 2.

She claims while searching for sinus medication in a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, she felt someone behind her. Upon turning around, the “startled” woman was faced with a man’s groin in black pants and soon realized that the man was Brand.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star then started a conversation with the woman and told her, “Oh, I think you’re a bit alright. I think you’re a bit of alright.” He then said he was going to call her Betty.

Russell Brand signs copies of his new book "Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions" at Barnes & Noble Union Square

When the woman replied to say that wasn’t her name, she claims Brand said, “Well, I’m going to f— you.”

“And I said, ‘No, you’re not.'”  she said in response. The woman claims Brand, who has been married to Laura Gallacher since 2017, then “pulled out his flaccid penis on his hand and served it to me as you would be serving me some food.”

“There was a bit of banter going on because I didn’t know what to do,” she continued. “And then by which stage his penis was put back into his pants. The door was closed behind him, I’m not sure whether he locked it or not but it was 100 percent closed, and then all of a sudden there was banging, like bang, bang, ‘Russell you’re wanted, Russell you’re wanted in the radio studio.’ It took him a while to eventually open the door.”

The woman says she was left “stunned” by the incident and initially laughed about it before wondering who would believe her that it had happened. She also claims she then texted a BBC employee who was in the radio studio about the incident and they said they knew about what had happened because Brand was talking about it on his show.

Russell Brand visits the SiriusXM Studios

The BBC’s statement read in full, “We’re very sorry to hear of these allegations and we will look into them. We are conducting a review to look at allegations of this nature and if the woman who has shared her story is willing to speak to us, we would be very keen to hear from her and anyone else who may have information.”

“A key part of the review is to understand what complaints were made at the time, if there was knowledge of Russell Brand’s conduct while he worked on BBC radio, and what was done as a result, the statement continued. “We will of course speak to the bureau team and anyone who was working there in 2008 as part of this.”

“Further, the Director General has been very clear that some broadcasts from that period were, and are, inexcusable and totally unacceptable, and would never be aired today.”

The new allegation comes after U.K. newspapers, The Times and The Sunday Times, and Channel 4’s Dispatches published allegations of rape, sexual assault and abuse by several women against Brand on Saturday. The incidents allegedly occurred between 2006 and 2013.

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One woman accused Brand of raping her against a wall in his Los Angeles home in 2012, while an ex colleague alleged Brand sexually assaulted her in 2013.

Brand had denied the claims on Friday, Sept. 15, saying in a video posted on social media that he “absolutely” refuted the “serious allegations.” He also called the claims “extremely egregious and aggressive attacks.”

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Police said they were reviewing a new claim of sexual assault against Brand in London. In a written statement, the police told PEOPLE the alleged attack took place in London’s Soho in 2003 and they were in contact with the woman concerned and “providing her with support.”

Following the allegations, two of Brand’s YouTube sponsors said on Thursday that they will no longer be working with the actor, as reported by NBC News.

In a statement, Sticker Mule told the outlet it was “suspending their relationship with Russell Brand pending further information.” Vivobarefoot, meanwhile, said it sponsored Brand over the summer, “before any of the recent allegations were raised,” and that any remaining activity with Brand “has been stopped.”

This comes after YouTube revealed on Tuesday that it had suspended Brand’s ability to make money from his video channel, which has 6.64 million subscribers.

A spokesperson for YouTube said in a statement per The Guardian, “We have suspended monetisation on Russell Brand’s channel for violating our creator responsibility policy. If a creator’s off-platform behaviour harms our users, employees or ecosystem, we take action to protect the community.”

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or go to

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