She had 43 cosmetic Procedures to become a Barbie Doll. Look How Beautiful she was before😮.

A woman has revealed her ‘new face’ after undergoing 43 cosmetic procedures to become a Barbie doll lookalike.

Baghdad-born Dalia Naeem, 29, has reportedly spent thousands on her shocking transformation to look like the iconic character.

She has even apparently been dubbed the ‘Iraqi Barbie’ by some thanks to her blonde locks and statement features.

The presenter and actress revealed her latest look in a new video, with one critic commenting ‘Zombie’, while another said: ‘Devil Barbie’.

However, others have seemingly been left fascinated by Dalia’s dramatic appearance, and she now has more than 996,000 followers on Instagram and a further 43,900 on TikTok.

In the video, Dalia could be seen posing next to her makeup artist, who tells her: ‘You look so beautiful, my dear. Like Barbie.’

Dalia – boasting a tiny nose, oversized pouty lips, and bushy eyebrows – responds: ‘Your makeup is Barbie.’

In recent months, the social media star is thought to have undergone several cosmetic procedures, such as lip filler and breast enlargement surgery.

Dalia is a presenter and actress who has starred in plays and TV shows to great acclaim in her home country. She lives in the Iraqi capital’s Adhamiyah district.

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