They Made Fun Of The Baby With White Hair Until They Saw His Brother

Patricia and Dale Williams welcomed a bundle of joy into the world in 2012. Baby Redd was the perfect child, but they noticed something immediately. He had snow-white hair.

When Redd was about two months old, they also noticed that his eyes would often shift from one direction to another. They began to research the symptoms online and learned that he might have albinism.


After scheduling some appointments, they confirmed that their diagnosis was correct. Redd was diagnosed with Oculocutaneous Albinism Type One (OCA1), a rare condition.

Staff members couldn’t help but be stricken with his beautiful appearance. They thought that his hair would darken as he got older but he continued to keep his distinctive features with the diagnosis.


Both Redd and his older brother were bullied when they were in kindergarten and elementary school. They both were bullied due to their albinism, but they had Gage, their older brother who stuck up for them.

Rather than giving in to the bullying, the family pulled together to raise awareness for albinism. This included posting on social media.

People Mocked This Baby For His White Hair, But Then They Saw His Brother

Redd eventually went through eye surgery and went to a private school for children who are visually impaired.

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