Lindsey Vonn Reveals She Was ‘Stung by a Massive Jellyfish’: ‘How Concerned Should I Be?!’

Lindsey Vonn is in search of healing methods after suffering a jellyfish sting.

On Tuesday, the former Olympic skier revealed she was stung as she posted photos of her painful-looking wound on her Instagram Story, and asked fans for soothing tips.

“Any tips for getting stung by a massive jellyfish?” Vonn, 38, wrote in her first caption.

Alongside the question, she shared a snap of the back of her wet leg sporting a large red swollen patch across her upper thigh, as she stood by the water shortly after being stung.

Lindsey Vonn Reveals She’s Been Stung by ‘Massive Jellyfish’: ‘Should I Be Concerned?’
Lindsey Vonn’s jellyfish sting.LINDSEY VONN INSTAGRAM

Vonn then posted a photo of her trying out one suggested method as she snapped her legs in a bath of clear water.

“Trying the hot water soak … ” she wrote.

A final photo showed a close-up of her jellyfish sting, which appeared no longer swollen but still displayed a huge patch of deep red marks.

“How concerned should I be?!” Vonn wrote as she presented a sliding-bar poll to fans, near the bottom of the photo.

Lindsey Vonn Reveals She’s Been Stung by ‘Massive Jellyfish’: ‘Should I Be Concerned?’
Lindsey Vonn’s jellyfish sting.LINDSEY VONN INSTAGRAM

The sports star’s sting injury comes after having knee surgery just a few weeks ago.

Last month, Vonn shared in a candid post on Instagram that she had the recent procedure on her right knee and showed off her scars from the surgery in a video.

“Big reveal … how do the scars look?!” she wrote in her caption. “One week post surgery and they are a little raw but shaping up well! Need to cut the stitches soon … *WARNING* don’t watch if you’re squeamish!! But honestly, it’s not that bad … Right? 🤷🏼‍♀️”

A voiceover recorded by the former Olympic skier was heard over the clip as she explained her surgery process. “If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to take off steri strips after a surgery, well, here you go,” Vonn said as she pulled the strips out of her knee.

“You got some small portals for like tools so they can wash the knee while they’re actually inside of it, which is pretty gross,” Vonn continued. “My stitch got a little bit tangled in the steri strip, so obviously I used a kitchen knife to cut it, because, why not?”

She added, “It’s a little bloody still, but pretty closed up.”

The athlete, who has won three Olympic medals and a total of 82 World Cup races, previously said that the procedure was needed as a result of “all the damage from my ski racing career.”

Following the surgery, Vonn was still able to enjoy activities as she posted clips of her jet skiing, surfing and diving off a cliff into the water during a recent trip to Lake Powell, Arizona.

“Maybe not doctor approved 🤭but man I had fun!” she wrote alongside the Aug. 13 post. “First day on a foil and knee feels great. Full steam ahead 💪🏻 #healing.”

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