Steve Harvey Vows After Wife’s Cheating Scandal ?

Steve Harvey recently voiced his frustration regarding unfounded rumors about his marriage.


which alleged trouble due to a cheating scandal involving his wife, Marjorie. An insider revealed that the comedian is determined to take action against the spread of false information and intends to make significant changes on his TV game show.

The source stated, “Steve has reached a point in his life and career where he would love nothing more than to take a step back.” Despite being known for his hands-on approach and occasional micromanagement, the insider clarified that it’s not entirely by choice. They added that when Harvey eases off his involvement, things can become chaotic, as evidenced by the recent social media debacle.

One incident involved one of Harvey’s verified online accounts posing a question to fans about a comedian who isn’t funny. However, when he found the post to be overly negative, he publicly revealed that he had fired the staff member responsible for sharing it.

Another online incident alleged that Harvey had caught his wife, Marjorie, in an affair with the family’s chef and bodyguard, leading to rumors of a divorce. Harvey promptly refuted these cheating claims, asserting their falseness.

According to the insider, Harvey is now determined to identify and take action against anyone spreading rumors about him and his family. The source stated, “Steve is ready to hunt down anybody who spreads rumors about him and his family — and send them packing.”

Businessman Nel Nwoko, a close friend of Harvey’s, confirmed that divorce rumors were baseless. Other insiders echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that Harvey is resolute about preserving his marriage. The source mentioned that people around him are now cautious about their actions, given his determination to address any such rumors.

Despite the online naysayers, sources close to the couple asserted that Steve Harvey and his wife have never been in a better place and are “stronger than ever.” They dismissed the infidelity rumors and revealed that the couple spent the entire summer together, including their annual trip on Magic Johnson’s yacht in July.

The rumors sparked on social media, but Marjorie addressed the gossip by posting a screenshot titled “How to handle being lied about.” In her caption, she explained that while they usually ignore such falsehoods, they feel a responsibility to address them given their platform.

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