Woman Quits McDonald’s Because She Is “Too Pretty” To Flip Burgers

A staffer of McDonald’s has confessed that she left the company because she felt that she was “too pretty” to flip burgers.

Melanie Collett, who is 20 years old and lives in Edinburgh, felt that coworkers, management, and even customers judged her based on her gorgeous appearance.

A woman quit McDonald’s for OnlyFans because of her looks(Image: Katielee Arrowsmith
The brunette stated that when working in the fast food business, her managers would instruct her to acquire goods from Boots so that she could remove her makeup and artificial nails.

After Melanie quit her job at 7$ an hour, she has been making a killing on OnlyFans. She may make as much as 1,805$ in a single day on the site.

“Most of my colleagues flirted with me and a few of them had said to me I should do OnlyFans before I left,” she told The Sun.

“And a couple of them buy my content now.
“But my manager hated me.

“I’m sure it’s because I was pretty.”

“He was a horrible bully of a man but I never let him put me down.”

The sizzling gorgeous model would never go to work without her eyelashes or her makeup on since she had a profession that required her to wear a uniform. In addition, she would never go to work without wearing a uniform.



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