‘Is she really comfortable with having to wear something like that?’ – fans ask questions when talking about Bianca Censori wearing nothing at all on a dinner date with Kanye West in LA

As she continues to embrace her X-rаted makeover, Bianca Censori, the wife of Kanye West, went out on Wednesday night wearing nothing but a and see-through pantyhose.

The rapper, 46, and the 29-year-old Yeezy architect, who was seen spending Easter Sunday with his children, were seen going out to supper together at Gigi’s in Los Angeles.

But it was later revealed that the brunette beauty used a common Hollywood SFX trick to create the nude-illusion lookBianca accessorized flesh-colored lace stockings with a black for their romantic evening.

They were walking to the restaurant when she held her pocketbook over her privates and didn’t seem to be wearing any underwear.

When Bianca publicly refused to wear underwear in France, she provoked criticism and risked jail time or a heavy fine of more than $16,000 for her indecent exposure.

However, it was eventually discovered that the brunette beauty achieved the illusion of being by using a standard Hollywood SFX technique.

Bianca, who supposedly worries that West is using her as a “marketing tool,” perched herself atop extremely high wedge shoes.

The Yeezy architect, 29, and the rapper, 46, were spotted grabbing dinner together in Los Angeles
The gorgeous Australian woman had her brunette hair pulled up in a ponytail and glowing makeup.

West, meanwhile, was walking closely behind his clad wife, wearing a baggy all-black ensemble.

The Flashing Lights hitmaker wore sunglasses even though it was nighttime and kept the hood of his hoodie pulled up over his head.

West donned black Nike sneakers in what appeared to be a jab at Adidas, who cut off relations with the rapper in 2022 due to his anti-Semitic outbursts.

Only a few weeks after he and 43-year-old Kim Kardashian divorced, Kanye and Bianca got married. The two of them had four children together.

Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori stepped out in only a bra and see-through pantyhose on Wednesday night as she continues to embrace her X-rated makeover

Concern over whether or not Bianca is under the controversial rapper Kanye’s influence has grown as a result of the former’s parade of Bianca around the world in skimpy outfits, which have included her being under a see-through raincoat in LA and going out without pants abroad.

Bianca is aware that she is being “overexposed,” according to an informant who recently spoke with, and she is sick of being utilized as a “free marketing tool for West’s upcoming album, Vultures 2.”

Despite the fact that Bianca has “loved the attention,” the insider claimed that she “needs a break and needs to step back.”

They went on, “But it is getting overwhelming, and Kanye keeps pushing for more, more, more in the lead-up to Vultures 2’s release.”

Now that West’s record is out, Bianca supposedly wants to stop doing her X-appearances and instead ‘concentrate on having children’ with him.

In the midst of a fresh lawsuit filed against the rapper by a former employee of his now-closed Donda Academy, Kanye and Bianca went on a date night in Los Angeles.

They ate at the popular French restaurant Gigi's

Trevor Phillips, a former employee of Yeezy who later worked for the rapper’s design company before attending the Donda Academy in California, filed the new lawsuit in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The lawsuit asserts that the rapper threatened to ‘lock them in cages’ and shave the heads of Donda Academy students.

According to legal documents that Rolling Stone was able to access, Phillips also asserts that West would “proudly” voice his anti-Semitic views in front of students.

Phillips, who started working for West in November 2022 and stayed for nine months, also alleges that West informed two kids he “wаnted to shave their heads” and “intended to put them in a jail at the school,” which charged $15,000 a year to attend.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that West threatened to beаt Phillips during a “temper tantrum,” faked to in front of him, and provided preferential treatment to white employees.

According to Phillips, the rapper’responded ruthlessly, with relentless harassment, humiliation, and attempts to both mentally control, and , Phillips’ when he sought to push back against the rapper’s ‘bigotry’.

In the end, Kanye’s animosity for the plaintiff resulted in a crude beating in front of students and their parents. Kanye even made violent threats on Phillips.

While working for West’s design studio, Phillips alleges he experienced “severe discrimination, harassment, and retaliation” from the artist.

Phillips asserts in the lawsuit that West started “spreading antisemitism” in school assemblies, even in front of some pupils.

The Flashing Lights hitmaker kept the hood of his sweatshirt up over his head and, despite it being nighttime, had sunglasses on

According to him, West informed staff members that no one could be overweight or else they would be fired and that he “only likes to date white .”

Additionally, West allegedly claimed that he took a trip to Paris for “two million of the school’s budget.”

Phillips asserts In December 2022, West allegedly made anti-Semitic slurs during a dinner at West at Nobu Malibu. It was purported that West called Adolf Һitler a “innovator,” called Jewish people “miserly,” and said the Holocaust was “fake.”

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